December 3, 2012

Another possible application for the ‘single wire’ electricity – Scanning Electronic Microscopes and Scanning Tunneling Microscopes

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I thought of quite another way to implicate this interesting phenomenon of single wire electricity after having a conversation with my friend, who is currently a physics student. This is probably not an application, but more of a suggestion for a field of research.

Scanning Electron Microscopes or Scanning Tunneling Microscopes may indeed be improved by using a variable frequency high voltage pulse in addition to the conventional cathode ray. This may allow scientists to not just view the sample but try to influence it and observe the electrodynamic interactions within the sample. A electronic nano-component may be examined in terms of how it reacts to the inflow and outflow of electrons.

This technology may be very beneficial to the development of the solar panels of the future.

If Single Wire Electricity is going to be used with microscopes, it has to be properly compensated for in the output signal that the device will produce.

Currently I conducted an experiment that allowed me to derive a mathematical formula that may be useful for dealing with the single-wire electricity.

I have no facilities available to me to research the possibility of using single wire electricity for SEM and STM applications. I am a hobbyist, after all.

Vladimir Tolskiy


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