December 23, 2012

Would this mechanism work or not?

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Sometimes there is a situation when a theoretical mechanism cannot be proven to be able to work unless it is built out of rigid and durable materials.

Here is a mechanism that I invented, although I am not sure if I am the first person to think about this design:

A planetary gear set that can allow the center to be moved against the outer ring. This device can also function as an adjustable variable displacement pump.

However I am not sure if the planet gear pairs can really tilt, causing the distance from the sun gear to the ring gear to change.

Theoretically that distance can change as much as a planet gear diameter minus the teeth height if this mechanism would not mechanically interfere and would be able to function at all.

It may be that the inner and the outer gear in a pair (or a greater number) of planet gears will have to be different diameters to compensate for a different gear tooth number of the ring and the sun. This will ensure that they twist against the sun and the ring, giving the sun two degrees of freedom.

If it is mathematically impossible to make a one-step gear set to accommodate for that difference, than a multi-step gear reduction may be utilized.

This mechanism would be too expensive to be built anyways so it will probably remain as a thought experiment.

What can be changed to make it work:

  • Different diameters of the planet gear pairs. (Green)
  • Different number of planet gear groups. (Green)
  • Different arrangement of planet gear linkages. (Brown, Beige)
  • Different planet gear configurations. (Green)
  • Different number of planet gears in each group. (Green)
  • Different diameters of individual planet gears in a group to compensate for different gear ratio between the sun and the ring.(Green)



Variable displacement pump


Idea and article by Vladimir Tolskiy


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