January 7, 2014

Don’t buy QU-BD 3D printers.

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Here are good reasons not to buy QU-BD 3D printers.

I don’t think that this company will grow to the size where it will get a CNET review. Besides very bad customer service, there are hardware flaws that prevent this printer from printing to the specifications that are listed on company website.

The following subjects recur on the official forum as constructive criticism, but design of the printer remains unaltered so far.

Official specifications may be found here:

  1. Print table is not supported by lead screws where the center of gravity is – this is why it is always cocked since basalt is heavy. Geometric center and center of gravity aren’t the same thing in this case.
  2. Z limit switch design is very poor.
  3. Extruder starts skipping and printer stops printing several hours into a complicated print. No spring-loaded wheel to press the filament against rollers.
  4. Extruder wheels that move the filament get clogged very easily. Plastic fills teeth.
  5. Extruder has no hose or spring to guide the filament dead on the center.
  6. Poor wiring design – wires can wear from touching moving parts.
  7. Y axis cog belts ride on paired ball bearings with washers at their sides, as idler cogs. The washers are not spinning so they will wear cog belts.
  8. Fan in the extruder is attached with one bolt. Extruder pivots on one bolt that is screwed into a motor. Easy to strip threads this way…
  9. Basalt is thick and takes more than an hour to heat.
  10. Silicone on the bottom of the basalt will peel off sooner than the machine will wear out.
  11. Cog belts are glued to the parts they move. How am I supposed to replace them?
  12. No cog belt tensioners – one cog belt is sloppier than another. This causes Y axis to cock and results waves on the printed part’s faces. For reference: those waves are bigger than 0.1mm print layer. Printing gears and precision parts will be a problem.
  13. X cog belt is glued to the motor that is intended to pivot. (for safety, as I was explained.) So If extruder does get lifted, X axis shifts.
  14. Extruder has no cooling fan for the filament. Only to cool itself.
  15. Wires would not let anyone use cover plates to cover the sides of the printer where special indentations are milled for that and holes have tapped threads. This machining operation is useless.

Still want to buy it? They may take your money and ship the printer to you in several months. This is how this company operates.

Read the complaints on the official forum:

You will find a lot of bizarre and strange complaints there. That involves shipping, customer service and faulty hardware.

In the past QU-BD would credit itself by delaying shipment of the merchandise beyond established shipping dates.

I had a very bad experience with this business. My printer is broken because silicone peeled off from the basalt base and the heater is broken. QU-BD refuses to refund the machine.


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